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Resume Preparation

Many of the numerous candidates whom Jerry has helped with their careers have requested that his powerful approach to resume writing be shared with their spouses, relatives, co-workers and friends. In addition, many job applicants who cannot be placed by a recruiter have asked for his advice and guidance in finding a job. (Most people are not aware of the fact that only about 10% of job seekers can be placed by a "head hunter". The other 90% usually are marketable, when a employer paid fee is not required). After 27 years as a recruiter, Jerry retired in 2008 and decided to offer a custom, one-on-one, resume and interview prep service to the general public.

The only purpose of the resume is to get an interview. Therefore, what you put in the resume should be designed to elicit the following response from the hiring authority: "Let’s get him/her in here for an interview."  Information that does not induce this reaction from the hiring authority should be omitted from a resume. From 1980 through 2007 Jerry wrote or modified over 22,000 resumes and set-up thousands of interviews with employers. Using immediate, real-time feedback from hiring authorities regarding these activities, Jerry, the Resume Maven learned how to write a resume that is a high impact document.  This experience also taught him how to prep candidates for a job interview.

A case in point occurred in 2003. A candidate with excellent credentials (one of the 10% who can be placed by a recruiter for a fee) came into Dayton’s MRINetwork office for an interview. He proudly showed Jerry the resume that he had paid $2200 for! He just could not understand why it had not generated any interviews. There was actually a particular job that he wanted to explore and a month earlier he had sent that company (only 20 minutes from his house) a copy of his very expensive resume. He had received no response from this company. We took one look at the resume and understood why. Jerry’s hardest task was to explain to the candidate that he had wasted his money. The story had a happy ending. We rewrote the resume and emailed it to the company in question. They responded in less than 20 minutes and wanted to meet him as soon as possible. 


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