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How are we different?

For a recruiter - getting the job done means
getting someone a job!

Unlike most resume services that are staffed by former human resource managers and other executives, tenured recruiters interface primarily with hiring authorities and job seekers. Recruiters speak with many thousands of hiring authorities each year, who respond to the resumes that the recruiter submits. With this important and proprietary feedback, recruiters are in a unique position to know what kind of resumes get results.

One example: How do you think resumes are read? That is actually a trick question, because we have learned that resumes are rarely read…they are visually scanned. Consequently, among other things, we create resumes that are designed to slow the scan.

Also, we are a small company -- most resume services boast about their size. We believe that smallness is an advantage. Because we are small, you will receive personal attention from a master recruiter, who will work with you until you are satisfied with the results. Your resume will not be mass-produced or relegated to a low-paid underling.


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